Past Exemplar Cases Handled by our Attorneys

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While we cannot guarantee results, and no two cases are ever alike, from time to time we highlight some of our more unique and exemplar cases, without revealing confidential information, to give prospective clients an idea of the types of matters we handle:

  • Ms. Sebag was successful at litigating a claim for defective and incomplete construction arising out of the construction of a barn on our client's property. When the homeowner filed suit for recovery of damages related to the defective work, the contractor filed his own counterclaims against the homeowner for breach of the construction contract. Ms. Sebag successfully litigated the matter, discovering an unlicensed contractor issue, and resulting in an award to our client of 4 times the damages originally sought, plus fees.

  • Ms. Sebag successfully handled a claim against national cell phone carrier for the unlawful taking of a cell phone, breach of the customer's contract contract, and improper billing practices, resulting in a settlement for our client and reversal of all the improper billing and overpayments the client was forced to make to avoid having her credit negatively affected.  

  • Ms. Sebag successfully handled a claim against a moving company for damage to multiple personal items, including one- of- a kind, priceless antiques, and for which the moving company's carrier denied coverage, then sought to keep the items in exchange for a nominal payment for damages. The settlement allowed the client to keep these family heirlooms while awarding her the full amount of the damages sought.

  • ​In an action against one of our clients for conversion and civil theft of a piece of art, Ms. Sebag successfully negotiated a settlement of all claims and return of the one- of- a kind and sentimental work of art. 

  • When a commissioned salesman was not paid commissions owed by his employer, Ms. Sebag was able to obtain full payment of the back due commission within just over 30 days of being retained. 

  • When the county placed numerous liens on several properties owned by one client, Ms. Sebag was able to handle the liens and the code enforcement hearings with the County, and helped the client bring the property into compliance, without fines or liens being placed on the properties.

  • Ms. Sebag was nominated to serve as on an Arbitration Panel as an arbitrator in the British Virgin Islands with regard to a Hurricane Irma claim against one of the largest insurers in the Caribbean. Ms. Sebag, along with one other arbitrator and one umpire, flew to the British Virgin Islands, took testimony and reviewed evidence, and issued a ruling to decide a highly contentious claim between homeowner and their insurance carrier in excess of a half million U.S. dollars.

  • Ms Sebag handled a code enforcement matter wherein the City sought to tear down a billboard in Monroe County, Florida for exceeding the "50% Rule". Ms. Sebag, working for her client and one of the nation's largest billboard advertising companies, was able to successfully defeat the City's claims and ensure the billboard remained in place for the benefit of her client and her client's relationship with the advertising company.


  • Ms. Sebag has served as an expert witness on attorneys fees in multiple counties in Florida.

  • On the defense side of construction matters, Ms. Sebag has worked to defend her contractor clients from claims of allegedly defective and non-conforming construction on projects where the damages sought were as high as $40 million for a single project. These projects included both single family homes to high- end multifamily residential housing projects in the following counties: Duval, Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami- Dade Counties. The defects in these cases ranged from allegations of defective and improperly applied and installed stucco, windows, CMU/ masonry issues, roofs including the underlayments and trusses, plumbing defects resulting in leaks and/ or flooding of both residences and commercial properties, electrical components resulting in fire damage, improperly graded land, improperly sloped foundations, floors, and balconies, as well failure to comply with state and local building codes, and alleged failure to properly construct a project resulting in encroachment on an adjacent owner's land.


  • Settled a $103,000.00 subrogation claim wherein the Insurance Carrier sued our client, an uninsured handyman, for allegedly causing a residential fire which resulted in extensive property damage to their insured's home. Claim settled for $12,000.00 at a cost for legal fees of under $2,000.00 for our client.